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Making Bokashi Supplier Page

Making Bokashi Supplier Page

This list provides visitors to City Farmer's Bokashi page with contact information for suppliers of
Friendly Microbe / Effective Microorganism products closer to where you live.

In addition to wheat bran, you can use rice bran or a hardwood sawdust as your bokashi base. Experiment in small batches first. See the YouTube video link below.

There are three main producers of FM/EM products and the formulas are essentially the same. Two, [Biosa and Sustainable Community Development], base their product on techniques learned directly from Dr. Teruo Higa.

I know there are other companies that make similar products but I am limiting my list only to those companies that are derived from Dr. Higa's work. If you can document that your company has a direct connection to Dr. Higa's process, I will gladly add you to the list.

Let me know of any corrections that need to be made.

spiceguy12ok AT gmail DOT com

Friendly Microbes Links - Sorted by domain name - EM Holland - Biosa Colombia - Biosa Missouri, USA

http://www.biosa-naturprodukte.atz - Biosa Austria - Biosa Netherlands - Biosa UK Biosa Denmark [Head Office] - Biosa Israel [on website] - Biosa Italy - Biosa Luxemberg [Vita Biosa only] - Biosa Sweden - Biosa Germany
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EM Pakistan
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EM Japan Research Organization [Head Office]
EM Corporation
Great Day Biosa Bokashi, Canada
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Sustainable Community Development [Head Office]

Biosa Connecticut, USA [Vita Biosa only]
Biosa Canada
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Overviews from various sources
Biosa & more: news about FM/EM uses
Introduction to EM [Good information from a third party. Connected to supplier/producer]

(biochemistry) from Wikipedia
YouTube video: How to make Bokashi
YouTube Video: Is it EM or EM? links tagged "bokashi"

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